Thursday, June 10, 2004

Afghan kittens

Found an article today on Totalfark about Manul kittens, an Afghan breed that has the longest fur of any known species (see article here).

Besides the fact that this article contains barely any written information, it has some delightful pictures of the little kittens. Apparently they're incredibly rare, and these four kittens were born in a zoo in Germany.


They are insanely adorable, in my opinion - possibly even cuter than my favorite breed, the Norwegian Forest cat (Kissy is a Norwegian Forest cat). Unfortunately I doubt that I'll be getting my hands on one of these any time soon - they're being bred in zoos, so they're probably not easily available. Still - they sound perfect - grow up to 8 lbs in weight and you can make clothing out of their fur (not making this up - it says so in the article).


Rrrrowr! Somehow I don't think these little ones want to lose their fur.


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