Monday, September 19, 2005

Endless activities

I've never been known for taking part in lots of extracurricular activities. In high school I had quizbowl and choir, as well as piano, which took up most of my time. In college I had...well...nothing really, unless we count video games as an extracurricular activity. In my master's program I had...well...again nothing, unless cooking counts (although I did have internships at times).

I've vowed to get involved in more things in law school - and as a result, I appear to have signed myself up for just about everything. As a result, my schedule is looking more and more confused - with such things as salsa dancing lessons occuring tonight, language luncheons at various random points, and chamber music, not to mention all of the official law school activities I've signed up for but done nothing in yet.

The problem I face is that most activities in my limited experience turn out to be more dull than they first seem. I also have a limited attention span, and no patience for things like committee meetings. And a lot of law school activities appear to revolve around the concept of committee meetings.

Nevertheless, I am excited by the prospect of having extracurricular activities other than watching TV, cooking, reading books and petting my cat (which while fun, is sort of repetitive). The question now becomes - how much can I possibly do while continuing to study for classes? That remains to be seen. For now, I'll get back to working on my legal practice memo so that I'm not panicked tonight and can enjoy salsa lessons.


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