Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Roast pork v. roast pig - the seminal Chinese food debate

I have a menu from a local Chinese restaurant that advertises among its roast specialities both roast pork and roast pig. I have spent considerable time trying to determine what the difference may be.

The initial assumption that roast pork is a piece of pork while roast pig is suckling pig is clearly incorrect, since the prices are identical, and both are served over rice. Although it is theoretically possible that an entire suckling pig would be served over a tiny bed of rice for the low, low price of $4.95, this is highly unlikely.

Maybe roast pork is adult pig, while roast pig is baby pig, but I've never seen pig products differentiated by age.

My only explanation is that roast pork is a pig product, while roast pig is the abbreviated name for 'roast long pig' and thus, by cannibal terminology, roast pig is human flesh.

Other roast products on the menu include 'soya chicken,' 'intestine,' and 'triple delight roasting.' The questions multiply - whose intestine? Is the soya chicken a tofurkey of sorts, made from tofu products, or covered with soy sauce and then roasted? I don't even wish to contemplate what 'triple delight roasting' might be.

Even more fascinating is the 'BBQ & Soy Sauce' section of the menu, which advertises such delectable products as 'soyed chicken' (not to be confused with above-mentioned soya chicken), 'soy sauce intestines' (again, whose intestines?), 'soy sauce chitterling' (speaks for itself), 'soy sauce pig tongue' (since there is no pork tongue on the menu, I will assume that this means pig rather than human), 'soy sauce duck tongue' (how many ducks does it take to make a plate of duck tongue?) and my favorite - 'soy sauce dish' (which I can only assume is a plate of soy sauce you give to your kitty to lap up).


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