Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Central Asian fashion design

I decided to do a GIS for Central Asia, and Google presented me with this gem:


Apparently, as the corresponding website informed me (the site in question), these are some of the designs of Olga Sergeeva of Kyrgyzstan, a 'famous designer of Central Asia.'

What struck me the most was the woman who is standing second from the left. Either a) she is freakishly tall and could be in the WNBA, or b) the other girls are freakishly short, and she is in fact only average in height. The way she is standing also seems to indicate that she only has one leg - it seems like she is nestling the stump where her right leg would be under the breast of the girl on the left.

The same website informs me that there are about a dozen discos in Bishkek and that, most importantly, "there is a circus and a zoo for children and for the really young at heart". Be forewarned - if you are only slightly young at heart, the circus and the zoo are not for you.


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