Monday, June 21, 2004

New York, New York

I just got back tonight from a blitz visit to New York City. I had a wonderful time, and discovered that I can travel from DC to NYC and back for the ridiculously low sum of $35. The Chinatown buses are absolutely brilliant.

New York is so unlike DC that it's scary. If I leave my apartment in DC wearing anything even moderately interesting (meaning, anything that could not have been bought at J. Crew, the Gap or Banana Republic) I get stared at like I'm some sort of mythical beast, or a giant tentacled slug. In New York, however, it really doesn't matter what anyone wears, because between everyone in New York at any given moment, every possible combination of clothing is being worn. It's sort of nice, really.

Also, New York is blessed with hot Israeli street vendors who like to flirt.

Furthermore, New York has my second favorite cafe in the world, which has my first favorite cappucino in the world - Dante's. It's almost as inspirational as the Muvesz cafe in Budapest, and if I could, I would go there every day and write the Great American Sci-fi Novel while getting completely wired on multiple foamy, strong cappucinos.


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