Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Sex symbols


There is something incredibly irresistible about Alan Rickman. As far as current movie actors go, he is much more talented and better looking than most. He helps make the Harry Potter movies watcheable, and looks better in black than any man has the right to.

I suppose I have a skewed view of what makes a man gorgeous. Until I was 15 years old, I thought Humphrey Bogart was the best looking man ever. It was very hard for me to accept the fact that he was dead. Bing Crosby similarly took a place in my heart. Again, it was hard to accept the fact that he was dead. Jacques Brel was another sex god in my young eyes. And yes, he too was dead.

Alan Rickman belongs in the category of actors who are also sex symbols. Although Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are both good looking men, they have a bland, common appearance that prevents them from standing out from a crowd. Alan Rickman has the looks, the voice, and the talent. And he's alive. This is a definite plus.


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