Sunday, September 12, 2004

Forties and $7 TV sets - The story of a weekend bender

One word summarizes my weekend quite nicely: booze. It started on Friday night. It ended this morning.

On Friday evening, I got together with a friend of a friend (who after this weekend is definitely my friend as well - you can't drink as much as we did and not become friends) for drinks at this bar in Adams Morgan called Dan's. Now, I was forewarned that Dan's involves a lot of low quality hard liquor. It does. You buy a half pint of vodka which gets poured into a little carafe (which looks remarkably like one of those little olive oil containers in nice-ish Italian restaurants). With this you also get a can of coke, as well as shot glasses and regular glasses. All for $12. Needless to say, much vodka was consumed. By much, I mean a really whole big lot of vodka.

The next morning, we decided to go buy more booze before going to the bar to watch the Michigan football game. So at 10:30 a.m. we were in the next door convenience store buying forties of Old English. The guy behind us in line was highly amused as we discussed the appropriateness of forties before noon and the necessity of porches to enhance the experience - 'Not only are those forties, but those are forties of Old English! Damn!' he said. The clerk wished us a pleasant drinking experience. And thus we embarked on part two of the drinking experience while listening to all of the Doors albums in chronological order (as a side-note - Soft Parade is a terrible album which explains why I never seem to have listened to it all the way through before.)

Part three came in the afternoon when we headed to the bar, realizing as we went that neither of us had eaten anything, and we were both somewhat soused. We got to the bar, met up with some people, ordered food and started drinking. Or rather, continued drinking. Pitchers of beer came and went, softening the painful experience of watching us blow fat chunks against Notre Dame.

It was towards the end of the game that my friend had a stunningly good idea - to go back to my place and watch Clint Eastwood movies while drinking Maker's Mark. Of course, the convenience store next door to me didn't have any hard liquor, and as we were musing where we might find such a thing, this very nice African-American gentleman of dubious sobriety and even more questionable wealth suggested that we go to 11th Street, even offering to lead us there. We politely declined, and wandered off, finding the store exactly where he had described it. As we exited the store, armed with a six-pack of beer and a fifth of Maker's Mark, an even more sketchy gentleman attempted to sell us a $7 TV set that he was carrying under his arm. Walking past the convenience store, we were hit up for a couple of bucks by the man who had directed us to the liquor store. He got $2 for his efforts.

Part four of our drinking experience involved Maker's Mark and A Fistfull of Dollars. The drinking unfortunately caught up to us at this point, and my friend passed out fairly early in the evening. I gave up and went to sleep shortly thereafter.

But have no fear - that was not the end. This morning, up bright and early, we welcomed the new day with a couple of beers at 8:30 a.m.

All in all - haven't had one of these weekends in ages - deliciously excessive low-brow alcohol consumption. And amazingly, through it all I managed to avoid all ill-effects except for a slight headache yesterday morning.


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