Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bosnia Part II

Yes, today I am posting frequently to my blog. Lots of fun info about Bosnia.

The Lonely Planet guide tells me in its "off the beaten track" section for Bosnia (as if the whole country weren't "off the beaten track") that Banja Luka, where we will be going has the following attributes:

"This important crossroads on the Vrbas River in north-western Bosnia is now known to the world as the capital of the Republika Srpska. Never much of a tourist centre, in 1993 the local Serbs made sure it never would be by blowing up all 16 of the city's mosques. About the only things worth visiting are the 16th-century fort along the Vrbas and its overgrown amphitheatre - its benches were burned for fuel during the war. The presidential palace in the city centre has been the seat of Bosnian Serb government since January 1998."

Sounds excellent. Blown up mosques, burnt amphitheaters...just the kind of idyllic vacation spot we all look forward to spending time in. I can't wait.


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love you, but your clinical. :)

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