Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Metamorphosis of a Road Trip

Hungary is a beautiful, hot country. I haven't done much of anything since arriving except for sweat.

However, my summer does seem to be developing in unplanned ways.

Originally, I was supposed to go on a two week road trip with my mom, our friends and our chauffeur from Hungary to Barcelona, where I was going to clubbing with my friend Andrew who's studying there, and from Barcelona back to Hungary via France and Switzerland. Well, since our friends bailed and my mom didn't want to undertake such a long trip without extra backup, it seems that she and I will be going with the chauffeur to Bosnia instead.

Actually, we're going to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia on one trip and then to Romania on another. I'm incredibly excited - particularly about visiting Bosnia which has a travel advisory out - watch out for demonstrations (they hate Americans) and unexploded land mines.

Ahhh Bosnia, the land of beauty and summer vacations...or not. We'll see. We're going to Banja Luka which has some Roman ruins and a coal mine.

So that's one change in my summer plans. The other change is less of a change and more of a very pleasant addition. Richard, my boyfriend, will be coming to visit me in Hungary. I guess my persuasive powers were sufficient to convince him that this is a really cool country. Or maybe he just wants to see me. Who knows.

Anyway, that's it from my end. I'm going to continue doing nothing until I have to go somewhere and do something. I feel that this is the right attitude to approach a summer vacation with.


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