Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Michigan - Transient in my parents' home

I've settled back into life at my parents' house. I was awoken at 7:00 AM by loud radios blasting classical music, people running around, and cats hissing. After arriving yesterday only to find that the fridge's main content was a lump of moldy cream cheese, some out of date whipping cream and a loaf of moldy bread, I finally managed to go grocery shopping today. Picked up plenty of potato chips and some Lebanese food.

I also cooked up a huge thing of chicken in the oven this morning. My parents don't know how to buy things in small quantities. Always in search of the best deal, they frequent Costco where they buy packages of meat in ten pound increments. I suppose this explains why I spent much of my childhood eating the same thing for weeks at a time.

The cats have been rather amusing - Nixie is a tiny little fleaspeck of a cat with an incredibly loud hiss and a rather deep growl. Since Kissy and Nixie were introduced to each other yesterday, they've been sneaking around trying to catch each other unaware and pouncing. All of this is followed by lots of hissing. It seems as though they're playing, but you're not going to catch them cuddling up to each other in rapturous friendship.

My mother seems to require my presence for even the most mundane task - such as watching her put clothes into the washing machine. I'll be sitting, reading peacefully, when I hear my name yelled. I can ignore it for a little while, but she'll keep yelling until I show up. Then I stand around, leaning against a wall with my arms crossed, watching her work.

Also, I'm not allowed to let anything touch the floor in my bedroom. And by anything, I mean, quite literally, anything - otherwise my room is instantly deemed a pigsty.

I suppose it's not so bad - it's only for a few days - then my parents leave, and my mother's busy working, so I don't see her that much. And my parents are very sweet, generous, kind, loving people - they're just a little bit crazy. And by a little bit crazy, I mean they're certifiably insane. But that's OK, they're the only ones I've got, and I wouldn't exchange them for anything.


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