Friday, June 25, 2004

Internet people

Last night I did one of (what I thought would be) the dorkiest things ever. I went out to meet some people I'd never met before at a bar. These were people from TotalFark. Now, I've been around the internet long enough to remember the days when if you were female and you got together with people from the internet, they were invariably male, had never left their mother's basement and were so terrified to be in the presence of the opposite sex that they either drooled or ran screaming.

In fact, last night proved to me that either a) the internet is changing for the better, or b) TF is just that insanely cool that people are not only funny online, but also normal, functional amusing human beings. It's probably a bit of both.

Everyone there was really normal, there were an equal number of girls and guys at the beginning, and the ratio then skewed so there was more girls, no one had any serious personality disorders (at least none that were readily discernable) and I actually got along with everyone. I normally hate most people - I'm not a very sociable person - but these guys were really great. And I had way more fun than I expected.


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