Monday, July 05, 2004

Paper and Packing

Finally, after many months of agonizing toil, my research paper on Nagorno Karabagh is done. I put it in an express mail envelope, wrote out the mailing label, and am ready to mail it. Unfortunately, the post office isn't open today.

Meanwhile, I am cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, ripping CDs, and packing my suitcase in a frantic attempt to get everything done that I need to get done before tomorrow morning. So far, I have a couple of tanktops, a few pairs of shorts, about nine pairs of shoes and some books on warfare packed. I don't see why I would possibly need anything else. As long as I have loads of shoes, I'm happy. Although maybe socks and undies would be useful.

I'm going to be gone for two months. This is a very long time. My fridge must therefore be completely devoid of anything even remotely perishable. For instance, the ketchup can stay, but the open cream cheese must go. The pickles will be OK, but the crumbled feta cheese won't.

So back to work I go - I would post more to my blog, but the process of getting ready to leave is a bit distracting.


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