Monday, June 28, 2004

One week

If you had asked me last week whether I was excited to be leaving DC and going away for the summer, I would have told you that yes, I was incredibly, insanely excited and just wanted to get away from this dump for a while.

Things change rather rapidly in my life. I'm leaving on July 6, which is about a week from now, and although I'm looking forward to seeing my parents (haven't seen them in several months), watching the interaction between my cat Kissy and their cat Nixie, and going to Hungary for a nice long vacation, I'll be sorry to leave DC for that long. First of all, imagine the dust bunnies floating around my apartment when I get back. Everything will be coated in a half an inch of dust, since I am surrounded by construction sites. Classes will start the day after I get back, preventing me from reading ahead for the tougher courses. And I've finally actually met someone in DC who doesn't spend their life worrying about the latest HR resolution or what some Senate subcommittee has decided should be done about apple orchards in Oregon and their impact on the weapons industry. Finally, leaving in one week means that I have to start packing at some point, and there is nothing more distasteful than packing, organizing and cleaning. Sometimes I really wish I had a maid.


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u so full of it :P

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