Saturday, December 17, 2005

Only in Grosse Pointe?

I'm sitting in Caribou Coffee in Grosse Pointe - the haunt of my youth, where I went on my first date ever and where I used to get together with friends for writer's group on occasion. My mission: study criminal law. I opted to go home to study for this one since I was beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic in my apartment and wanted to be fed by my parents. I've been here for a few hours now. And there's this crazy lady who was here when I got here and has been here forever, as far as I can tell. She's got tourettes - random verbal explosions here and there (fortunately I can't hear them since I have my headphones on), and at least a couple of fun friends in her head - one of which tells her hilarious jokes, since she doubles up with laughter at times while talking to herself. She's very possessive over her seat by the fire and whenever someone tries to take it when she goes out to smoke, she runs back in to reclaim it.

What she's just done, however, takes the cake. She just got Dominos DELIVERED to the coffee shop. I kid you not. This is so unlike Grosse Pointe that I feel like I went through some sort of wormhole and am now in New York. I just hope that when I step outside of the coffee shop, I will find myself smack dab in the middle of Chinatown.


Anonymous Sydney said...

That, quite possibly, is the funniest thing i've read this weekend. Too bad I was told my best friend (whose a New Yorker) this story and she laughed but fully acknowledged that she would do the same thing.

oh new yorkers- they truly are a different breed!

3:47 PM  

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