Monday, December 05, 2005

Mingus memories

I finally managed to drag my ass out of my nice apartment to Rendezvous coffee shop to study. The apartment was getting too distracting - cat being very loving and affectionate, which is normally great, but not what I need when I'm studying, and the DVR having taped many episodes of things that I wanted to watch.

So now I'm sitting here, studying civil procedure with much greater efficiency, all outside noises blocked out by my awesomely huge headphones and the soothing sounds of Charles Mingus' album "Blues & Roots." This brings back lots of memories. It was less than a year ago that I walked across much of Manhattan in a snow storm, headphones on. Mingus started me off, with this very album, and I can't hear it without thinking of that beautiful day and my long, snowy and somewhat wet adventure.


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