Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lamb-potato-banana fry-up - inspiration from above

Tonight I invented my first truly inspired bizarre recipe. Forget spam casseroles, reinvented fish soups, and Italian-style pastas. Those are mundane. This is, as I said, inspired.

I started with some raw sliced boneless leg of lamb I had frozen. Defrosted it. Chopped some onions and garlic, sauteed them in bacon fat, and cubed two largish potatoes. I added the cubed potatoes to the onions and garlic, with a bit of salt and pepper and rosemary. Meanwhile, I cut the lamb into bite-sized pieces and rolled them in a mixture of flour, salt, chili powder and ground coriander. Threw those in the skillet. Now here comes the inspired part.

I had some red bananas that were verging on mushy. Red bananas are smaller and slightly less sweet than yellow bananas. I took two red bananas, chopped them up and dumped them in the skillet. A bit more salt, some cooking, and a taste. Something was missing. Ah ha, I said. What would I do if I was in South America? Lime juice, I exclaimed! So I squeezed in the juice of half a lime, chopped up some fresh cilantro, which I also added, and sprinkled on some more chili powder, as well as crushed in three more cloves of raw garlic.

Needless to say, I was worried. Lamb, potatoes and...bananas and lime juice? But, let me tell you, this tastes great. The lime juice gives just the right amount of tartness to offset the bland gentleness of potatoes and bananas, and the chili powder and cilantro mesh perfectly with the bananas to create a South American-inspired creation.

And yes, I'm raving about my own cooking. Seriously though, this recipe is amazing.


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