Tuesday, November 29, 2005

White Christmas

It's getting to be that time of the year again - where I can indulge in my weakness for Bing Crosby and cheesy holiday movies. I will listen to Bing Crosby's Christmas album with glee as my parents prepare the Christmas dinner. I will revel in the memories of childhood that are evoked by every song he sings. And of course, I will watch White Christmas with my parents.

I no longer watch some of the Christmas standards - Miracle on 34th Street, while sweet, bores me. It's a Wonderful Life has always be annoyingly sappy and just not my cup of tea. And I simply don't have time to watch everything.

But every year I have to watch four Christmas movies:

1) The Charlie Brown Christmas - given my obsession with the Peanuts, it's quite understandable, and there's just something about that little tree that gets me every time.

2) Bridget Jones' Diary - while not strictly a Christmas movie, it's the one chick flick that I love and it's enough about the holiday season to warrant another watching of it around the holidays.

3) A Christmas Story - what would Christmas be without Ralphie and the fun filled trip down nostalgia lane.

And most importantly:

4) White Christmas - my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I want to cry like a baby every time they throw the surprise party. It is the sappiest, loveliest, most wonderful Christmas movie ever. And Bing Crosby is gorgeous.


Anonymous Citations said...

I adore "White Christmas." I also love the original "Miracle on 54th Street."

12:13 AM  

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