Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tajik weather - it's paradise

I'm a weather freak. I love checking what the temperature is in different countries around the world to find the perfect place to live. Now, I usually use both for my local and my foreign weather, which is where these reports come from.

Tomorrow, the forecast for Ann Arbor is: "Cold, with intervals of clouds and sunshine."

On Saturday, it will be: "Mostly cloudy and turning warmer; a chance for a rain or snow shower in the afternoon."

In Dushanbe, Tajikistan, meanwhile, the forecast for tomorrow is (I kid you not) - "Sunny and nice."

On Saturday, it gets even better: "Delightful, with times of clouds and sun."

So Tajikistan gets weather described as nice and delightful, while Ann Arbor gets cold and mostly cloudy. Whee!

If only it were colder in Tajikistan, I'd move there in a second - I'd love to have my weather described as delightful.


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