Saturday, October 29, 2005

Law students know how to party

Law students around the country have the reputation of being big partiers. This is certainly true at Michigan, and from what I've seen, is also true elsewhere.

So why are law students such partiers? There's a few reasons.

1) Many law students have been out of college for a while and realize that this is their last hurrah at behaving like idiots and drinking way too much at undergradlike parties.

2) Law school is a lot like high school. Particularly at Michigan - we even have lockers. Unlike high school, however, there's more cordiality and although cliques form, they're not exclusionary the way they were in high school. Because of the small size and high schoolness of the experience, partying is something that most people take part in - there is always a party going on somewhere, and student organizations socialize in bars.

3) Lawyers are notorious alcoholics. Law students are merely practicing their skills so that in their firm jobs they won't curl up and die when faced with "working" lunches.

Now, add costumes to the fray, throw in some campus buses taking law students to a party, and provide unlimited beer and you have an idea of the drunkenness that last night's Halloween party produced. Needless to say, I'm not going out tonight. Instead, I'm going to study, finish watching the football game, and remember what it was like to be four years younger and unconcerned about the future of my liver.


Anonymous mark said...

Law school was high school all over again. Petty cliques became the norm.

5:36 PM  

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