Thursday, October 27, 2005

A topic dear to my heart...

My passion is Russian energy. This is not most people's passion. It makes me somewhat strange. But when I read an article like this one, from RIA Novosti, my heart speeds up a little bit, and I get this happy warm feeling inside.

This is part of the reason I think I should focus on international energy issues in my professional life. After all, how many people get excited about the concept of Russia's electricity giant, UES spearheading an effort to create a common electricity market between the CIS states? Just think of how much this will benefit UES, Chubais and, most importantly, the Russian government.

Moreover, the article mentions investment by UES in the Khudoni hydropower plant in Georgia. That's right, Russia. Take your many tentacles and wrap them firmly around the energy sectors of the former Soviet Republics.

*giggles maniacally*


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