Thursday, October 13, 2005

Genius in the kitchen...slacker at updating blog

I need to get back to my regular updating. This is shameful.

Yesterday, I left the world of legal studies behind and focused all of my efforts on making a fantastic dinner. The menu follows:

Bruschetta with goat cheese and homemade olive tapenade (pitting olives sucks - the meat doesn't want to leave the pit and my finger still hurts. Also - anchovies are seriously gross).

Seared scallops with a hint of chipotle and curry powder over a bed of frisse lettuce with a homemade mango vinaigrette (I bought one of those plastic restaurant-style squeezy bottles - so I could make pretty designs on the plate...very exciting, especially for $2).

Roasted lamb rolled around white asparagus with green asparagus on top, served with a tomato, goat cheese and poblano chili polenta and a fig port wine reduction sauce (surprisingly good since I made it all up and had no idea how it would turn out).

Raspberry chocolate mousse with raspberry whipped cream and raspberry sauce (absolutely deadly...seriously...and I don't even like dessert).

And all of this was homemade. And tasted good. Which only serves to emphasize my desire to go to cooking school and learn how to do things properly and more efficiently.


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