Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Name Is Earl - a genius sitcom

Yeah, I know....seems like I post about TV a lot recently. Bite me. I'm in law school. And I hate going out to the typical law student bar hangout. So at night, I watch TV.

I rarely come across a new show that I really, truly like. Especially sitcoms. Most sitcomes are garbage - useless drivel, repeating a mindless formula discovered decades ago by snuffling piglets sitting in front of typewriters somewhere (apes are too intelligent for sitcoms).

But My Name Is Earl stands out. I've given it three episodes - the real mark for a show. All three have been utterly charming.

It's like Kevin Smith with a good sappy edge (as opposed to the bad sappy edge of Jersey Girl). And yes, I realize Kevin Smith has nothing to do with this show - but between Jason Lee and sailboat guy, and the way the show is set up, it really feels Kevin Smithesque.

Why does the show appeal to me so much? Because it's truly about everyman. Unlike Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and other such unrealistic expression of the American life. This is a highly fictionalized account of the average American, yes...but it pokes fun at situations that are infinitely more realistic than those of people auditioning for roles in soap operas or such. And isn't that what sitcom is about?


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