Sunday, October 16, 2005

The man is bringing me down...

...and the man has brought me down. (Post deleted because of the man)


Blogger kitsurubami said...

Not only should you pay the tickets, you should not try to be slick around cops. Cops not only know what you're trying to pull, they are often pissed off and looking for some rich brat to take their rage out on. "Resistance" and "assault" have been legally defined to include almost anything less than what the cop terms cooperation: had you been black and made any kind of expressive hand gesture, he could've said you motioned as to try to hit him but thought better of it, and that would be jail. (And stay away from your wallet!)
It's entirely possible that the cop won't show up and the ticket may be tossed -- this happens a lot in traffic court -- but you were wrong from the moment you decided to try to see the cop as an equal or some kind of parent and not a sort of deputized little king.
(Also, breaking. Your sentence segments. Into their own sentences. Is weak.)

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