Monday, January 23, 2006

No spring break (or masochistic inflictions of overwork)

I spent my winter break in Michigan, working part of the time on a brief for the moot court I am doing. I told myself that it was fine that I didn't go out of state - that spring break would find me going somewhere. I made tentative plans to go to New York and DC to visit friends. I was excited - a cheap, fun spring break.

And then my paper proposal for the ASN conference (the same one I presented at last April) was accepted. The conference is in mid-March, the paper must be sent in March 9, and while I have a proposal and a topic, I haven't done any research, or written a single word. And with my 16 credits and moot court and other extra-curriculars, I don't have time to do it - except over spring break.

So now I'm planning for a great summer vacation once I get done working (assuming I find a job, that is). The month of August will be mine. I will vacation - and I will go somewhere exotic. Right now I'm toying with spending some time on a nice little Greek island, then going to Albania and making my way to Hungary in time to meet my friends who will hopefully be visiting at the end of the summer.

Of course, knowing me, the plans will change 37 times before I finalize them, and instead of Greece and Albania I'll find myself in Finland and Estonia, or Portugal and Spain, or Ireland and Wales, or Iceland. Who knows.

All I know is that wherever I go on vacation, it'll be great, it'll be overseas, and most importantly it'll NOT be Michigan.


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