Friday, January 13, 2006

Wascally Wabbits

So tonight I made a wascally wabbit into dinner. It was a wonderful bunny, quartered, gorgeously rabbit-like and, of course, wascally.

I made some sort of variant of a hasenpfeffer. It tastes pretty damn good. But I have no idea what a hasenpfeffer is supposed to taste like. Except like a Hase mit Pfeffer. It's a wabbit. And it's peppery. So, by definition, that should be a hasenpfeffer.

Bunny is delicate. It tastes like chicken. But it doesn't smell like chicken when raw. It's tasty, moist, falling off the bone, and stewed with red wine.

My mother asked me if I used carrots.

I will NEVER use carrots to cook Bugs Bunny. I adore eating Bugs Bunny - but that wascally wabbit will be eaten carrotless, because otherwise...that's just wrong.

My wabbit is glorious.

*gnaws on bunny leg*


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