Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's get this over with!

With only 19 days left until the US presidential election, and the last debate out of the way, I just want the elections to be over with. My constant obsessive tracking of political news (in addition to my constant obsessive tracking of economic news) is begin to impact my productivity. My free time is spent reading about the upcoming elections, my down time at work is spent reading about the upcoming elections, and it's safe to say that 80% of the time I'm awake, if not more, I'm somehow thinking about the upcoming elections.

My vote is already cast - I sent in my absentee ballot sometime last week. But until November 5, I'm on pins and needles. (Hopefully only until November 5 - it seems unlikely that there will be a repeat of 2000, but if there is, I will be highly annoyed.)

I think at this point the American public is as galvanized as it's going to get. People get that this is probably the most important presidential election of their lifetime to date, and that the impact of our decision will reverberate around the country and around the world. The economy ain't fixing itself. And pretty much everyone who is likely to vote has picked who they're voting for. At this point changing more than a few voters' minds is unlikely.

So I suggest we hold the elections early. I've got some research I should be pursuing in my free time, and I don't want to be distracted by politics. I'm sure that nationwide, work productivity is down, and given the financial situation, I don't think we can afford that. Since more and more states are allowing early voting, why can't we just shift the whole country to early voting - two weeks early, to be precise?


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