Sunday, October 12, 2008

True conservatives

I have a lot of respect for true conservatives. I want this to be made clear, since my posts tend to come off sounding so left-wing. Honestly, I'm an American and as such, I believe in small government run on a state-level - more power to the states is a good things (of course in crisis the federal government needs to step in - that's where I'm a liberal).

So it delights me when people like William F. Buckley's son, Christopher Buckley, identify the problems with the McCain campaign and are willing to openly endorse Obama.

As I wrote to my dad (he sent me this link) - not all conservatives are morons, and the Republicans are running a moron campaign at the moment. This is quite the turnoff if you're not a moron. Thanks Sarah Palin - good job alienating the intelligent segment of the conservatives. Look like it's going to be the Stupid Party from here on out...

Good to see support for Obama, especially from conservatives. He's really not that scary left. And we really do need leadership right now. And Palin-McCain (she's really the stronger half at the moment - thanks Rove!) don't have that. It's just moving them into the White House/Naval Observatory and leaving the existing power structure in place.

So Gobama! Vote for Obama if you don't want the stupid people to win...


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