Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Benedict's blunders

Pope Benedict XVI seems intent on pissing everyone off.

First came the controversial remarks he made about Islam in September 2006, describing Islam as a bloodthirsty religion. Besides showing a disturbing lack of understanding of one of the world's major faiths (particularly disconcerting from a religious leader of such import, who one would assume would at least be passingly familiar with the tenets of Islam), it also suggested that this pope, unlike John Paul II, was not particularly concerned with uniting faiths.

More recently, Benedict seems to have decided that what the Christian faith needs is a good ol' fashioned return to pre-Vatican II sectarianism. Just last week, he decided that saying the traditional mass in Latin is ok, with all its good anti-Semitic language intact (a decision that has caused controversy within the Catholic community). Now, he's decided that Protestants don't have churches, in a document highlighting the 'defects' of non-Roman Catholic Christian faiths.

What next? A return to selling indulgences? Maybe a little blood libel discussion? Reneging on the notion that the earth is round? The Thirty Years' War sure was fun too...

I get that retro is in - looking at women's fashion this summer it's hard to miss. But retro-Catholicism is not a good idea, no matter from whose perspective you look at it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just his last attempt to keep it all intact! After all he's the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, so it is his responsibility to do so on the first place, isn't it?
Trying to modernize the Church to any of today’s politically correct frameworks, will cause its slow but inevitable destruction. And the Pope’s very much aware of that, so he is trying to balance.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The you know whos are actually the losers in this, just like when they went up against as weak a stupid drunk as Mad Mel and came out looking like liars. Remember when the Gospel -- the Gospel -- was sure to cause pogroms? Here in Pope Rat we have a guy who was in NatSoc organizations in his youth (and yeah they say he had no choice, but if you want to argue that it becomes very messy; did Hess have a choice? After a certain point who had a choice? Where did the resistance get their choice from, by parachute?), a Vatican functionary who has been a force for extreme right-wing policies his whole career, he killed liberation theology (a kind of Catholic New Deal which threatened to bring the church into the ... well, about the 19th century) and he probably had a hand in killing the pope JPII replaced, and he has been pissing people off his whole career.
Also he looks like a certain Star Wars emporer. That ain't helping.
Out of all that, what are they complaining about? His latest move is not so bad. Pope Rat is being unabashed about praying for conversion. The gist of the latest complaint is that he is daring to suggest that people set aside by the creator all reality as our superiors be converted. Well, that's anti-Semitism, in the sense that anything mentioning Jews is anti-Semitism, in the sense that anti-Semitism is whatever Jews want to make it today, but honestly: almost all forms of Christianity involve madates to convert everyone. On Earth. Furthermore, this horrible horrible unmentionable new Mein Kampf is a prayer that the Jews eventually see the light, not a campaign to go out and actively pester folks. That would be the "Jews for Jesus," the fucking Mormons (insist they have coffee already), or the Orthos (who do not consider the Reform/Cannibis sativa subgroup, as well as Californians, to really be Jewish).
Out of all the reasons to call Pope Rat a Nazi, to include his brief coerced time as an actual Nazi, this does not count.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following this logic, you might as well call all Christians NAZIs and Christianity an anti-Semite religion, since its goal is to convert human beings, who includes Jews, to God, his son Jesus and the Holy Ghost.
Just goes to show your complete ignorance and lack of knowledge of both Christianity as a religion, and Nazis as well.
According to the Bible, God's words are not to be judged by human beings, so what the Catholic or other communities think is simply irrelevant, and should be that way, provided the Church is really trying to serve God and his words.
The interesting part is, those who judge God's words, who do they serve? ...The Devil!

4:16 PM  
Anonymous the good anonymous said...

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Anonymous the good anonymous said...

Has your history revising Bulgar heard of JCS Martillo?

9:52 PM  
Anonymous the good anonymous said...

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12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for Martillo then!

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Meow said...

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