Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Capturing ideas

I've finally stopped stressing about my semester. I can get more done when I'm relaxed, and I finally broke through my writer's block on my papers last night, which did a lot to relieve some of my anxiety.

I sometimes get writer's block when I spend too much time on a subject - I begin to realize the full scope of the subject and get bogged down trying to figure out how to structure things rather than actually writing. I recently received some simple yet good advice that has gotten me back on my old writing track - don't try to structure things - just write in a stream of consciousness fashion and reorganize later.

In the end a paper is about capturing ideas. Too much structure constricts the ability of the writer to think outside the box and possible have more interesting ideas. It is much more constructive to let ideas flow onto paper and sort through them later when you're dealing with longer papers.

It feels great to be writing again. I missed the rush.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent advice which I have discovered on my own. Additionally I would mention a system Casanova came across on his first stay in Paris: write prose in twelve part something or others at a time, so you can spot and edit out unintended rhyming, alliteration, symmetry, et cetera.
Currently I am writing through the technique of not writing and viddiying the perfect Sarah Silverman. Also I have rediscovered beer.

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