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Aliens, shag rugs and Jane Fonda - oh my!


I love camp, I love kitsch, I love cult, I love sci-fi and I love the 60s. Therefore, I am shocked and appalled that it has taken me so long to see the sexy masterpiece that is Barbarella.

This movie is absolutely amazing. It's so unbelievably over the top, so incredibly kitsch 60s, so deliciously tongue-in-cheek, and so delightfully sexy that it is one of the most glorious things I've ever seen. It makes me want to fill my life with lava lamps, shag rugs, and Jane Fonda. And let's face it - conceptually, a lot of the movie is pretty clever.

The late 60s were a bizarrely groovy time, and in all seriousness, Barbarella is one of the better creative fruits of that era.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember double-taking when I stopped contemptuously half-listening as the senator guy with the orgasmic piano bed explained that the city had a layer of pure roiling unrest under it. You might also check out the less well known Ital*Exploitation Baba Yaga, which is sort of similar in that it's based on an arty comic with a mod heroine and lots of ambient and deliberate sex appeal. It takes place in modern Italy and one of the pleasures is that the main character, a photographer, has a nutty leftist documentary guy for a friend who never binks her, and at one point he stages this phoney environmental thing. Also the music is with it, it has this nice percussion thing at the beginning. The title comes from a drastically re-imagined baba yaga figure (no old ladies, no flying cottage with chicken feet, no biting medicine cabinet) who tries to convert our heroine to lesbianism and kill all her friends.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A nicely made point about the CIA's abiding respect for international law in the Balkans and anywhere else pure devotion to duty might take them; also Zizek gets kicked and that can't happen enough.
No one could've foreseen that the DPRK would develop internet trucks. Don't let them ask you about the TPS reports an eighth time!
The best take on something that ought not to be news from a gossip site respected by Wonkette. By way of X.
Speaking of Wonkette and the CIA, apparently the time has come when the unenlightened are allowed to talk about what we crazy people and Counterpunch readers have known for years: brown acid not only bad but from the government. Relaying WaPo!
And even after a beautiful run of Mitzrahim portraying demonic Muslims for Golan-Globus et al, Canadians really don't mind living next door to an Ay-rab. It is one of the prouder points of Canadian life that although a massive share of Canadian media is owned by the Asper family, so that they literally own all major media in many small towns, Canadians seem impervious to their efforts to propagate hatred. (The Aspers, I believe, also own the Post.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Lagouranis, a former Army interrogator in the war in Iraq, was also there. He told [24]'s producers that "People watch the shows, and then walk into the interrogation booths and do the same things they’ve just seen." He added that: "In Iraq, I never saw pain produce intelligence. I worked with someone who used waterboarding. I used severe hypothermia, dogs, and sleep deprivation. I saw suspects after soldiers had gone into their homes and broken their bones, or made them sit on a Humvee’s hot exhaust pipes until they got third-degree burns. Nothing happened."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

following up on lenin's observations about torture/intel porn on 24.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other words, we've got common goals that make sense for both our peoples. Two such goals are Iran, convincing the Iranians to get rid of its nuclear weapons; and Russia. We talked about the coordination between Iraqi and coalition forces. And I would characterize their assessment as the coordination is good. In other words, there's good conversation, constant conversation between the commanders of our troops and their troops, and that's a positive development. Now, David says: Does this mean you're trying to have a pretext for war? No. It means I'm trying to protect our troops. That's what that's means. And that's what the family members of our soldiers expect the commander in chief and those responsible for - responsible for our troops on the ground. And we'll continue to do so. Yes, ma'am. You're not a ma'am. Now, let me step back on Iran, itself. We have a comprehensive strategy to deal with Iraq [sic]. There's a variety of issues that we have with Iraq [sic]. One, of course, is influence inside of Iraq. I changed the dynamic on the North Korean issue by convincing other people to be at the table with us, on the theory that the best diplomacy is diplomacy in which there is more than one voice -- that has got an equity in the issue -- speaking. Can I -- let me -- I can't say it more plainly: there are weapons in Iraq that are harming U.S. troops because of the Quds force. And as you know, I hope, that the Quds force is a part of the Iranian government. If they do the second phase, there is a -- there will be about the equivalent of a million tons, minus the 50,000 tons, available food, economic assistance and fuel. And so there -- and then there's this disaffected Sunnis, people who believe that they should still be in power in spite of the fact that the Shia are the majority of the country, and they're willing to use violence to try to create enough chaos so they get back in power. You know, I'm asking -- you're obviously talking to certain people, or a person. I'm talking to our commanders. Their job is to tell me what -- the situation on the ground. And I have -- I know there's concern about the home front.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop what you are doing, for the new hotness is come to ruin the image and the style to which slave morality has allowed you to grow accustomed. Listen: Nietzsche Family Circus.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Churchill Wit

National Lampoon

Michael O'Donoghue

April 23, 1973

user posted image

The celebrated American author Christopher Morley has written, "It's all very easy to become a legend. The difficult thing is not to lose your humanity in doing it." He goes on to conclude that "there are far too many legends as far too few men." Statesman, politician, soldier, orator, sportsman, writer, and amateur artist, in a lifetime that spanned ninety years, Winston Spencer Churchill wore many hats besides the traditional black homburg in which he was so photographed, and yet the legend never overshadowed the man. Perhaps that is because, whether the fate of nations hung on his words or merely the fate of a dinner party, Sir Winston never lost the precious gift of humor. Just as the history books will record his deeds, we of the National Lampoon would like to recall the wit that tempered those deeds. For is not part of greatness the ability of a man to laugh, not only at himself, but, more importantly, at others?

Churchill was known to drain a glass or two and, after one particularly convivial evening, he chanced to encounter Miss Bessie Braddock, a Socialist member of the House of Commons, who, upon seeing his condition, said, "Winston, you're drunk." Mustering all his dignity, Churchill drew himself up to his full height, cocked an eyebrow and rejoined, "Shove it up your ass, you ugly cunt."

When the noted playwright George Bernard Shaw sent him two tickets to the opening night of his new play with a note that read: "Bring a friend, if you have one," Churchill, not to be outdone, promptly wired back: "You and your play can go fuck yourselves."

At an elegant dinner party, Lady Astor once leaned across the table to remark, "If you were my husband, Winston, I'd poison your coffee."
"And if you were my wife, I'd beat the shit out of you," came Churchill's unhesitating retort.

During the darkest days of World War II, when each night brought waves of Luftwaffe bombers raining death and destruction on a near-defenseless London, Prime Minster Churchill went on the air to address the British People. "I read in this morning's paper that Herr Hitler plans to wring England's neck like that of a chicken," he began, "and I was reminded of what the Irish poacher said as he stood on the gallows. It seems the poor fellow as approached by a well-meaning if somewhat overzealous priest who, in horrific detail, described the unfading torments of Hades which awaited him if he did not repent his misdeeds. The condemned man listened patiently to all that the priest had to say, and when he was done, grinned broadly and replied, 'Eat it raw, fuzz-nuts.'"

Shortly after Churchill had grown a moustache, he was accosted by a certain young lady whose political views were in direct opposition to his own. Fancying herself something of a wag, she exclaimed, "Mr. Churchill, I care for neither your politics nor your moustache."
Unabashed, the young statesman regarded her quietly for a moment, then wryly commented, "Suck my dick."

While serving as a subaltern in the Boer War, the young Churchill was asked by a superior officer to give his opinion of the Boers as soldiers.
"They're assholes, sir," he ventured, then paused briefly and added, with a whimsical smile, "They're assholes."

Sir Winston carried on a life-long feud with Labour party leader Aneurin Bevin and, on one occasion, while Mr. Bevin was delivering an unusually long speech to the House of Commons, Churchill slumped into his seat and appeared to doze off. When Bevan noticed this, he inquired in his loudest voice, "Must the right honorable gentleman fall asleep during my speech?" Receiving no reply, Mr. Bevan continued until, a few minutes later, the sound of snoring was distinctly audible to all present. This time Mr. Bevin slammed his hand on the rail and shouted, "Until now, the Conservative party had usually managed to conceal the fact that it was asleep." Without even opening his eyes, Churchill quipped, "Flake off, touch-hole" and unconcernedly resumed his nap.

Churchill was given to reading to reading in the bathtub and, while staying at the White House, he became so engrossed in an account of the Battle of Fonteney that he forgot President Roosevelt was due to drop by to discuss the upcoming conference in Yalta. At the appointed hour, the president was wheeled into Churchill's quarters only to be informed that the prime minister had not finished bathing. Roosevelt was about to apologize for the intrusion and depart when Churchill, puffing his customary cigar, strode into the room stark naked and greeted the nonplussed world leader with a terse, "What are you staring at, homo?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

(amusing penis decorations)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't Danes riot over something sensible like racism?

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I promise, this is the strangest story about Hungary you will see today. Bear in mind as you see this that Israel has always considered itself to be above mere human law and actually has a history of sending soldiers into positions that defy reason, such as minor attacks against the United States, and the bizarre appearance of Israeli organized mercs in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Also, Hungary has historically always been Israeli.
"200 Israeli solders in their standard blue uniforms as a “military delegation” arrived with four buses - windows covered – to the center of Budapest to a huge city block sized synagogue. They did get out of the bus and walked into this center of unrestrained human love and source of all wisdom for mankind.
They were also received in the Hungarian Parliament by Mr. Laszlo Mandur before they drove to the synagogue. "

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Entertaining: An animation of Pulp Fiction Dialogue showcasing typography. In fact there are only two fonts (one is a bold version).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're hust a fucking lesby

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Anonymous Frenchie V said...

what is wrong with being lesbian if this person is?
I think my friend that this is hate speech and that you are homophobic!
And also that you can use some English lessons... I dont mean this last attack to be personal but if you have any problem with this person, be a man and go to talk to her and if you are just a hater, there are thousands of racist and homophobic blogs in the web, so just go there and leave us alone! thanks per advance

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Anonymous not anonymous said...

anon at 12:27 is not the same as the other anonymouses (anonymi?). i honestly hope that was obvious. i have always had both the purest and the nastiest admiration for the daughters of bilitis, and seriously, the people you have to watch out for are those god damned vegetarians.

This is why I honestly do not care about Darfur, why my lack of concern over Darfur is not nearly as ignorant as the laughable fashion flood of fake worry about it, and why I care a hell of a lot less when Zionists and Washingtonians say I should die in Africa to kill the evil Moosalums they hate so much to "liberate" Darfur, you know, like we liberated Somalia, or Haiti, or Iraq...

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Anonymous not anonymous said...

Important news you need to know, especially in a country where the corporate propaganda overwhelmingly pushes a fantasy antifeminism:
Single Women Come More.

Also, an excellent piece on Darfur. When will the civilized nations of the world destroy Washington DC and impose a no-fly zone on the US?

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Anonymous not anonymous & loves lesbians said...

Employees of the World Bank have been "expressing concern, dismay, and outrage" regarding favoritism shown by the bank and the Bush administration towards the one-time girlfriend of World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, according to an internal memo circulated within the bank by the World Bank Group Association, which represents the rights of the bank's 13,000 employees. Among other things, the April 3 memo alleges that Shaha Riza, Wolfowitz's romantic interest was given a "promotion [that] clearly does not conform" to bank procedures. Moreover, the memo alleges, she was then given a raise "more than double the amount allowed" by the bank's rules.


Wolfowitz, who as Deputy Secretary of Defense was considered an architect of the U.S. war with Iraq, disclosed to bank board members that he had a romantic relationship with a senior bank communications officer, Shaha Riza, shortly after he was nominated to head the World Bank. Bank regulations disallow bank employees from supervising spouses or romantic partners, but Wolfowitz reportedly attempted to circumvent the rules so he would be able to continue to work with Riza. Informed by the bank's ethics officers that that would not be allowable, the problem appeared solved when Riza was detailed to work at the State Department's public diplomacy office in September 2005--even though her salary was still to be paid by the World Bank.

Before she was detailed over to the State Department, Riza was earning $132,660, according to the bank's payroll records obtained by the Governmental Accountability Project. Had the bank's board adhered to its ordinary rules, as Riza was shifted over to the State Department, she should have only been eligible for a raise of about $20,000. Instead she was given a raise of $47,340, whereupon her salary became $180,000. Then last year, she received yet another raise which brought her salary to $193,000. That salary increase not only meant that Riza earned more than Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, but apparently made her the single highest paid State Department official.


As to the romance between Wolfowitz and Riza, it is unclear where that stands. The Washington Examiner recently reported that the two had split up. But Wonkette reported earlier today that the two of them were recently spotted making out after a party at the Japanese ambassador's house.

Holden Caulfield | Homepage | 04.05.07 - 2:03 pm |

2:15 PM  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

Walter F Murphy, lionized by lawblogger Balkin as one of the most important living legal scholars, is refused boarding at an airport, harassed and had his luggage stolen despite a career in the USMC because he had criticized George Walker Hitler. What will we lie back and allow these people to do to us next? Maybe we should write an angry letter, that would clear this up, including the return address so the cops know where to arrest us.
I am going to look back at this period and regret so deeply that I did not do more...

1:43 PM  
Anonymous neither anonymous said...

In other news today Poland is still dumb. It is requiring people to assert in writing that they were not collaborators (during the Communist occupation), against the danger of future accusation whenever the present non-Soviet state thugs get around to investigating them.

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