Monday, October 13, 2008

Palin thinks she was exonerated?

This campaign has made it more clear than ever before that Republican politicians are perfectly comfortable saying black is white, and repeating it over and over again until it becomes true.

So it is not surprising that Palin has managed to turn the somewhat damning Troopergate findings (i.e. that she violated state ethics laws - a not insignificant black mark against her) into a narrative of full exoneration. This is particularly easy to do when you actually DO believe that you're right, and I'm quite sure she does not see anything she did as an abuse of power. After all, this is just small-town politics, because she's one of us, and we all know that's how things work in small towns - backstabbing, nepotism, and a strangely overbearing role on the part of the house husband, Todd.

I'm really out of rage. I can't even muster enough vitriol to put up a proper anti-Palin rant. I suppose I should be happy that she's 'toned down' her rhetoric a bit. Of course had she ratcheted it up any, she'd have been calling for a lynching, and it seems clear that the constant attempts to destroy Obama's character were alienating what's left of the semi-intelligent conservative base.

So I'll put the rage in the hands of some other authors today. For two interesting, and angry articles - see Rolling Stone on McCain and on Palin.


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