Sunday, January 23, 2005


To my darling audience: I am incredibly, deeply, regretfully sorry that I haven't updated my blog at all. As you can probably guess, New York is proving to be more vibrant/fun/exciting than I'd expected and I have been spending less time online as a result. Also, I can't blog from work.

Today it snowed. And snowed. And then snowed some more.

I had already planned to walk from west 125th (where I live) down to west 4th (where one of my friends lives) today. As an added benefit I had snow. Luscious, glorious snow.

So I walked, and meandered, and traipsed, and loped around New York in the beautiful snowfall today. It was stunning, and my hair became encrusted with snow and ice, as did my eyebrows and eyelashes. I look quite amusing and drew some smiles from fur-coated people wandering near Central Park and Columbus Circle.

Lots of fur-coats in the ritzier parts of town when it snows.

It was a glorious day. Invigorating, breathtaking, and everything I'd ever imagined New York to be in a snow storm.

Other than today, I'd have tons of stories to tell, but most of them involve either a) my work, b) food, or c) strange things I've seen on the subway, none of which are very interesting.

All I know is that tomorrow I'm going to go to Chinatown, eat some great Chinese, and enjoy the liberty and luxury that is a non-school Sunday. Since I have nothing to study, I can now truly enjoy the weekends. This is soon to end, however.

Oh, and in the school application/admissions news - I have heard from 2 schools so far - Michigan (back in November) and University of Chicago (just yesterday) - admitted to both law schools so far. Now just waiting for Ph.D. programs and other law schools to respond.

I will try to update this. No more guarantees. But every now and then I will stop by to let my audience know how New York is treating me. That much you can rely on.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Life in New York

I know, it's been a while since I posted here. I've got an excuse - I've been busy. Really, amazingly, stunningly busy.

See, I have a job. Yup, a full-time temp job that will hopefully last for a few months. I interviewed with the temp agency on Monday afternoon, got the call on Tuesday afternoon, and started working on Wednesday afternoon.

So where am I working? By the advice of my lawyer, I'm not going to say where, in the interest of protecting my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, particularly the latter. Let it suffice to say that I'm working at a nondenominational Christian organization. After the weirdness of the first day, I hate to admit that I've grown to love it. They even let me, the little heathen, write religious copy.

Other than the job, I've been traipsing around New York. And eating. Oh, the eating. Soul food almost everyday from the diner in the building next to mine, excellent BBQ, Russian food, home cooked food, Japanese food - I'm growing fatter by the second.

The only downside is that my bedtime keeps getting earlier and earlier. Stupid 9-5 jobs. Speaking of which, I need to catch some rest. I'll be sure to try to update more frequently now that I'm getting settled in. Yes, indeed - I pledge this to my nonexistent audience - that I, author of this blog, will update it more frequently. I promise. Seriously. I swear...Oh nevermind.

Monday, January 03, 2005

A Harlem New Year's Eve

I've managed to settle into my new apartment somewhat - get some stuff unpacked, recover from my unbearably huge hangover from our New Year's Eve party. My neighborhood is fantastic. And our New Year's Eve party was great fun (what I can remember of it).

I spent most of December 31st frantically trying to unpack boxes and put the living room in a presentable state so we would be able to have people over. By the time the party rolled around, I was pretty damn tired - which sort of explains how I managed to get so drunk. Or maybe that was the different types of booze I poured down my throat over the course of the night.

There was scotch, followed by Red Bull and vodka, followed by Jagermeister, followed by a Jagerbomb, followed by more Red Bull and vodka, then some weird flavored liquor stuff that someone brought (we told everyone to bring something). Then at midnight we had cheapass champagne - although I had a glass of nice fruity sparkling wine first, then moved on to the cheap champagne (thankfully brut). Then I started drinking my Stoli raspberry vodka neat out of one of those wide-brimmed plastic champagne glasses, and at some point started mixing champagne and vodka. Oh yeah. That's right - champagne and vodka. I think that really spelled my doom more than anything else.

In order to smoke, I would go up onto our roof, and for some reason by the end of the night I was carrying a champagne glass while stumbling up the stairs, perpetually spilling on myself.

Anyway - it was a bitching party. I woke up the next morning with my contacts still in. Early reports indicate that no stupid deeds were performed. Or dirty deeds for that matter. Done dirt cheap or not.

Oh, and I'll be updating more about my hunt for jobs, my neighborhood, and other good stuff later.