Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Life in New York

I know, it's been a while since I posted here. I've got an excuse - I've been busy. Really, amazingly, stunningly busy.

See, I have a job. Yup, a full-time temp job that will hopefully last for a few months. I interviewed with the temp agency on Monday afternoon, got the call on Tuesday afternoon, and started working on Wednesday afternoon.

So where am I working? By the advice of my lawyer, I'm not going to say where, in the interest of protecting my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, particularly the latter. Let it suffice to say that I'm working at a nondenominational Christian organization. After the weirdness of the first day, I hate to admit that I've grown to love it. They even let me, the little heathen, write religious copy.

Other than the job, I've been traipsing around New York. And eating. Oh, the eating. Soul food almost everyday from the diner in the building next to mine, excellent BBQ, Russian food, home cooked food, Japanese food - I'm growing fatter by the second.

The only downside is that my bedtime keeps getting earlier and earlier. Stupid 9-5 jobs. Speaking of which, I need to catch some rest. I'll be sure to try to update more frequently now that I'm getting settled in. Yes, indeed - I pledge this to my nonexistent audience - that I, author of this blog, will update it more frequently. I promise. Seriously. I swear...Oh nevermind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome to NYC, Zappagirl. much peace, newmoonpuppyhead

9:39 PM  

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