Monday, January 03, 2005

A Harlem New Year's Eve

I've managed to settle into my new apartment somewhat - get some stuff unpacked, recover from my unbearably huge hangover from our New Year's Eve party. My neighborhood is fantastic. And our New Year's Eve party was great fun (what I can remember of it).

I spent most of December 31st frantically trying to unpack boxes and put the living room in a presentable state so we would be able to have people over. By the time the party rolled around, I was pretty damn tired - which sort of explains how I managed to get so drunk. Or maybe that was the different types of booze I poured down my throat over the course of the night.

There was scotch, followed by Red Bull and vodka, followed by Jagermeister, followed by a Jagerbomb, followed by more Red Bull and vodka, then some weird flavored liquor stuff that someone brought (we told everyone to bring something). Then at midnight we had cheapass champagne - although I had a glass of nice fruity sparkling wine first, then moved on to the cheap champagne (thankfully brut). Then I started drinking my Stoli raspberry vodka neat out of one of those wide-brimmed plastic champagne glasses, and at some point started mixing champagne and vodka. Oh yeah. That's right - champagne and vodka. I think that really spelled my doom more than anything else.

In order to smoke, I would go up onto our roof, and for some reason by the end of the night I was carrying a champagne glass while stumbling up the stairs, perpetually spilling on myself.

Anyway - it was a bitching party. I woke up the next morning with my contacts still in. Early reports indicate that no stupid deeds were performed. Or dirty deeds for that matter. Done dirt cheap or not.

Oh, and I'll be updating more about my hunt for jobs, my neighborhood, and other good stuff later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think that maybe you are or are about to become an alcoholic?

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