Monday, December 06, 2004

General Laidoner, term papers, packing, and insanity

At 9:30 pm today, I finished one of my three term papers. This was a major accomplishment, but in some way I'm sort of sad that it's done.

See, this was my pet project - a continuation of my paper from last semester on Estonian democracy from 1920-1924. This was about the decline of democracy in Estonia and the rise of authoritarianism from 1924 until the Soviet takeover in 1940.

The pet part of the project was this it was entirely done based on archival material from the State Department archives. And there were some fascinating details that supported my hypothesis more accurately than any secondary sources could possibly have done.

And it involved my favorite guy - General Laidoner, the Estonian military hero who crushed the attempted Communist putsch on December 1, 1924.

Anyway. I'm rambling.

I also packed 8 boxes up this weekend. Yay me. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't seem to have made a dent.

Oh, and I'm insane. Completely, totally and utterly. No one can do all of this and not go nuts. Seriously. I should win a nobel prize or something. Really...


Blogger Matt said...

Interesting blog, it’s not often that one runs into references to Dr. Strangelove and Estonian political history in a single location. So how did Estonian democracy end; was it overt invasion or a Beria-esque coup?

12:37 AM  
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