Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post-election day - an optimist's view

Well, I drank some last night. Not too much. Stayed up late. Not too late. Came home, made a sandwich, continued to watch election returns. Suddenly started feeling much better (ok, fine...that was a partisan remark).

Why do I feel so chipper today, you may wonder. My candidate lost, conceded, and we have four more years of Bush.

But, the important thing is that people voted. I've believed all along, voting is the key to democracy. America has spoken, and while I may not fully endorse that speech, it isn't hate speech, but rather slightly incoherent mispronounced speech.

So for the next four years I will continue to do what I did during the previous four. I will not complain too much about the President. I will support the President because he was elected by the people. Basically, I'll be a Republican for another four years. Like a true Democrat, I flip-flop - turn in the direction of where the power is.

Lighten up America. All you gloomy Democrats out there, I hope it's because of your hangover and not because of your crushing pessimism about the future of America. Republicans - go ahead and gloat, just remember it was close.

As a final reminder of my sunny optimism and why I'm so happy - Go Bush!

See, it's not that hard. You try it now...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Well of course it’s not hard for a self-confessed neo-con whos favorite politician is Henry Kissinger

9:20 AM  

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