Sunday, October 10, 2004

Vronsky and Anna still sat at the little table - more tales from spamland

Yup, there's another masterpiece of spam in my inbox - an email entitled "Vronsky and Anna still sat at the little table." Amazing - not even Tolstoy is safe from the abuses of spammers.

So, the question of course is what is the spam about?

Most of the message is undecipherable. Something about "implement frocks pragmatics excepting whitewash fo." However, towards the end we get a clue as to the meaning of this gibberish - "Cialis Sioft Tabs ajlso haove less sideobacks (you coan drive or mjix alcojhol drionks witjh Cialis" (I am directly cutting and pasting from the email - one has to presume that the author consumed a few 'alcojhol drionks' himself.).

This is followed by another line of random words - "ntelope castled indefinitely Galilee jealousy Dakar Dunedin irate." Yes, ntelope not antelope.

Finally, it all becomes clear - "This is maost modvern and safe wcay not to covaer with schame."

Ah hah - gotcha! If you recall the 'earth is not round, it's dirty' spam, the same exact phrase was used, although more properly spelled.

So we'll have to see. Maybe once a week I'll get a great piece of spam with a brilliant subject line that will force me to open it. And once a week I will be told about Cialis and how it will make me not to cover with shame. And eventually, the sheer brilliance of these emails will lead me to impulse-buy a case of Cialis, despite my lack of a penis.

Stay tuned for the next spam update, brought to you by Cialis.


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