Monday, October 04, 2004

New York: Complicated but Fun

I spent the weekend in NYC. This was a nice change from DC, and involved a lot of food and booze (most of my fun weekends involve at least the latter). Of course, as a result of spending Friday through Sunday there, I got nothing done on those days, making it a singularly unproductive weekend.

Unfortunately, I will not be posting with commentary on all of the events of this weekend in order to protect the anonimity of some of the parties involved and to prevent further drama, an element that this weekend was rife with.

Suffice it to say that my friend managed to have over 70 people show up at his birthday party, not all of whom were necessarily on best of terms with each other. It's surprising how many people have issues with each other and how sensitive situations can get. Luckily, I manage to stay out of things.

Finally, the best quote of the whole weekend (source shall remain anonymous) (quoted off the top of my head): "I managed to get over my hangup about blowjobs. I just started thinking of them as food, and since I like food so much, that made them ok."

Thanks to all of the participants this weekend (whether voluntary or involuntary) that made it such a fun time, and I'm sorry to my readers that I can't go into more detail. Understand that I have no intention of implicating any parties in accusations of misconduct or of furthering any existing tensions. I will not take responsibility for any incidents of violence resulting from this blog entry.


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