Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Formula 51 - Sam Jackson in kilt

I'm beginning to wonder if DC isn't an amazingly hip, bizarre place after all.

In New York, no sight is strange. People wear the oddest things, do the oddest things and say the oddest things, all in public.

In DC, however, things are usually different. Except that in the past few days I seem to have slipped into an alternate universe where random people cross my path while being extremely odd.

Let us begin with this weekend. I was walking around Dupont Circle (the logical place to find strange things in DC), early afternoon, when I saw a girl bike past. Nothing extraordinary. She was normal looking, with a fleece, a backpack and a decent mountain-bike. Young, not crazy, not homeless. Yet, there was something so odd about her. She was wearing black spandex biking pants. Again, not so odd. Except that these were see-through black spandex pants. In fact, they looked more like pantyhose. And underneath, she was wearing a black thong. I stared after her backside as she biked off into the horizon, mesmerized by the visibility of her undergarments.

Fast forward to Monday. Again, I was near Dupont Circle, early afternoon, when I saw a man ride by on a Segway, wearing an overcoat that had coat-tails. His coat-tails were flying behind him as he rode by, making him look like some sort of strange demonic presence.

Today. Two sightings. First off, I was walking to class, about half a block from my apartment building. In the opposite direction, a black man was walking in a kilt. Well, I happen to think men in kilts are sexy. I also happen to think that you don't find a lot of men wearing kilts in DC, particularly not black guys. And of course, I happen to love Sam Jackson, even in Formula 51 - or maybe particularly in Formula 51, where he wears a very sexy kilt. So that was my Formula 51 moment of the day.

Next, I'm around K street, when another guy rides by on a Segway. Huh? Two Segways in two days? Very unusual. Oh, and I've decided - it isn't coat-tails that make a person on a Segway look demonic. It's the damn Segway itself.

To all the neat odd people in DC - rock on - keep making my days brighter. And I'll keep watching out for you.


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