Friday, November 12, 2004

Parental visit

My parents are coming into town tonight to spend the weekend with me.

While I am very excited, this involves a little bit too much preparation to make me entirely comfortable.

I'm a fairly lax cleaner. I also have a cat. As a result, my apartment is fuzzy. Everywhere I turn (except for the kitchen counters which I clean regularly), there are fuzzy cat hairs. Particularly in the bathroom. So I've got to clean all the cat hair away before my parents come.

Additionally, I have a number of things to do on campus today, that require me to physically be there.

And finally, I'm planning to cook for my parents, and I can't just make them a simple casserole like my mom suggested - it's got to be good and relatively elaborate.

Yes, I know - I make trouble for myself.

Eh, whatever. As long as I make my parents happy. After all, they only come once or twice a year, and I haven't seen them since September.


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