Sunday, December 12, 2004

How to change a sanitary pad

This gem comes to you thanks to Totalfark. I'm stupefied by it. Mind-boggled. Flabbergasted.

Here's the ultimate retro educational video on what a period is and particularly how to change a sanitary pad.

Oddly enough, the video appears to feature a very small girl with Downs' syndrome. She is told by her older sister to practice wearing the pad (after an extensive lesson on menstruation) for when she eventually gets her period. She seems to be about at least five years away from getting to that point.

Another classic moment in the video is when the girl, Jill, her mother and her sister, Susie are all discussing menstruation and the father comes in.

'So girls,' he asks, 'what have you been talking about?'

And the response from Jill - a priceless moment in film history - 'Periods, daddy.'

At this point, if I were daddy, I would start drinking heavily.

But it gets better. Later in the video, when our little starlet returns from watching her sister change her sanitary pad and learning how to put one on, she runs to her father and tells him all about what she learned. At which point her father asks 'what do you do with the used pad?' And Jill answers (part of her lesson from her sister). Her father expresses his approval of her proper knowledge.

Now, there are several things wrong with this. First of all, what father knows what to do with a sanitary pad? Second of all, why would he be discussing this with his small retarded daughter?

Personally, if I were daddy - I would have turned around, walked out, and never looked back. Maybe traveled the country a bit - found myself a new family - a nice, normal, non-bleeding one this time.


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