Monday, November 03, 2008

Yes We Can!

Four years ago, almost to the day, I consoled myself after election day by stating that at least the people went out and voted, and so it didn't really matter who had won as long as people were participating in the democratic process.

Four years later, I cannot say the same.

It does matter who wins. It matters a lot. There is a clear right choice in this election, and his name is Barack Obama.

Tomorrow, when you go out and vote, think about how you want the world to be. Think about how much your freedoms mean to you - not the freedom not to be taxed, but the real freedoms - the freedom to choose your partner, your religion, your way of life, and your opinions and the freedom to make those opinions heard.

Along one path lies darkness, ignorance, fear and hatred. Along another path lies a difficult road, not paved with rainbows and sunshine, but one in which we remain true to the vision of our founding fathers and uphold the Constitution, and maybe regain some dignity and hope along the way.

For 8 years we have been slapped in the face by the jingoistic nationalism of those calling themselves patriotic and denying us the right to call ourselves such. We have been accused of wanting to destroy the Constitution, destroy the America envisioned by the founding fathers, destroy the very fabric of democracy. Our military service has been slandered when we have dared to speak up against foolish actions by our leaders. Our sacrifices to our country have been minimized. For 8 years, we have been marginalized, mocked, and belittled. And at no time more so than during this campaign.

It is time we spoke. We are the majority. We want change. And we will be heard.


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