Friday, October 17, 2008

The party of fictional Joes

Joe Six-Pack was fictional. Joe the Plumber also appears to be fictional. I say let's bring in Joe Cool. Also fictional, but awfully cute, Joe Cool is a voter concerned about the economy. Just like you, me and millions of other Americans, Joe Cool thinks with his stomach and is concerned about having enough food in his dish. The deeply patriotic Joe Cool was a pilot, just like McCain, flying many dangerous missions against the enemy, similarly with limited success.

Joe Cool is like many GOP voters - stuck in a lackluster life, Joe Cool escapes to his imagination, concocting tales of daring battles and invisible enemies, stardom and fame, to distract himself from the sad truth of his existence. Hell, even Joe Cool is a manifestation of Snoopy's imagination.

Maybe that's the key - GOP voters are voting for candidates and for a party that is a figment of their imagination. Built out of illusions, the 2008 Republican campaign is merely the fictional product of the collective Walter Mitties of the GOP base. So to make it all go away, we just need to stop believing in it.

Oh right - that's what November 4 is for.

Vote reality - Vote Obama.


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