Thursday, October 16, 2008

Protection of the unborn!

So I just watched last night's debate on MyDebates. A bit late, but it was this or stay up even later than I did last night.

McCain on education reform was hilarious - he's saying 'we're going to do' all sorts of things that are actually up to the states - like state school tuition waivers and the like. Nice that the Federal Government is going to mandate that much.

McCain on the housing crisis was hilarious - have the government buy the mortgages? As Jon Stewart pointed out on the Daily Show - nationalize it.

It's quite amazing to see how much the term 'socialist' is getting bandied about by Republicans, when they're becoming quite 'socialist' in their own rhetoric, while slamming their opposition for being socialist and actually presenting no plans at all.

Beyond that, McCain's condescension towards women in his use of air quotes about the health of a woman, and the use of the phrase 'protection of the unborn' (which conjures awesome zombie army images in my head - with bloody fetuses marching to demand protection) make me shudder. His answer on Roe v. Wade was disgusting to me as a lawyer - sure, he'll look at the qualifications of a Supreme Court justice candidate - as long as they support overturning Roe v. Wade.

Now I'm watching the VP debate - I'd only seen excerpts. I think I have a crush on Joe Biden. Am I the only one, or is he kind of sexy?


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