Monday, June 20, 2005

Law school and Hogwarts

As school continues to take up most of my interest and energy, the regularity of my posting to my blog continues to decrease. Let me just share with you that law school is surprisingly fascinating - a couple of weeks into classes, I'm still just as excited by the material and interested in reading the cases. Of course, this has continued to result in my complete lack of interest and energy for anything else.

As I sit in the reading room at the law school, which is one of the most beautiful library facilities that I've ever seen, I marvel sometimes at how much law school at Michigan reminds me of Hogwarts. The reading room looks a lot like the main dining hall at Hogwarts. We're all a bunch of students taking all of our classes together with our sections focusing on learning something that really does in many ways equate to magic. Law is a field made up of spells, incantations, and other arcane methodologies, where logical reasoning can work illusions, where Latin phrases are bandied around with abandon, and where a sleight of hand, in the professional world, can determine the outcome of a case. Medicine is scientific. Law is magical. And so, when I sometimes feel a little tired or frustrated by my coursework, I just try to think of myself as Hermione and it helps me get rejuvenated.


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