Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What to do after law school?

Yes, I realize I'm about 2.5+ years premature. I have yet to take my first law school exams. But assuming that all goes well, and I managed to graduate in December of 2007 (since I'm a summer starter, this is my scheduled graduation date), and I manage to take (and pass) the bar in February of 2008, then I will have a blissful opportunity to do whatever I want to do, for once in my life, until I become a slave to my future job.

So I've been thinking long and hard about what I'd want to do. I know that I definitely don't want to start working until October or November (ideally). I know that I want to take my time and enjoy life. And so it occurred to me that given my culinary obsession, what better plan than to get a diploma from the Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris.

I always fancied living the Bohemian lifestyle in Paris (not to be confused with the La Boheme lifestyle in Paris - not keen on a slow coughing death by TB). Unfortunately I'm not artistically inclined, so I couldn't sit on the Left Bank and paint the Right Bank. But I could definitely hack cooking school. I think I have enough basics under my belt that I'd be able to handle it, and ever since I saw the original Sabrina as a very young child, I've wanted to go to culinary school in Paris.

Right now the plan is to take the bar, get a loan, and move to Paris for 6 months or so and finish as much coursework as I can in that time. I'd like to learn both pastry and regular cooking skills. And then maybe I'll finally be ready to catch myself a man - using my lethal combination of brains, sloppiness, and fabulous cooking skills.


Blogger Sydney said...

You know I’m kind of jealous that you’ll be able to take a big chunk of time off before you have to start your “real” job. I sometimes wish I was a summer starter for just that reason. I think cooking in Paris is a fabulous idea. Just let me know if you need a test subject- I’m willing to eat. Provided of course that I can drink some wine seeing as it’s the most common alcoholic drink for Americans…..

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found your blog via Letters of Marque. As a former professional chef of 10 years--and having lived and cooked in Paris for a time--who is now finishing up law school, I was intrigued by your plan to move to Paris. There is no better place to be for a foodie than France, and Paris is, as they say, the ne plus ultra. One suggestion, though: skip Le Cordon Bleu, take the money you would have spent on cooking school tuition, and spend it instead on eating. If you're hell bent for leather on someone teaching you how to cook, then do some research on Parisian restaurants, find ones you like the look/sound of, and start knocking on doors until someone agrees to put you to work. It'll be a better education in cooking by an order of magnitude. Good luck

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Advice!

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