Thursday, July 28, 2005

When you turn into your parents...

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to my parents' house with a few of my classmates, since my parents on vacation and have given me leave to invade their residence. In previous years, such excursions invariably resulted in buying huge amounts of fast food (fried chicken, pizza and the like), undiscerning drinking (good champagne along with bad hard liquor) and general infantile debauchery.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like infantile debauchery. But it occurred to me that what I really want to do tomorrow night is to have a dinner party. A good ol' fashioned parental dinner party. So I've mentally planned a menu which I will pair with champagne (cheap stuff - not good stuff - I've learned my lesson) and wine, where we will sit at the dining room table eating off real plates with a real tablecloth underneath them, and with multiple real courses. Of course afterwards I figure we'll clean up, crank up the music and act like idiots. You can't act like your parents all the time...

Oh, and for my concerned parents who will inevitably read this - I'm cooking at home and bringing it with us, so there won't be any massive messes - I promise.


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