Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bob Dylan always speaks the truth

Bob Dylan's lyrics have always spoken the truth to me. I grok him. (Bizarre sidenote: I've been finding more and more situations in daily life where the only right word to describe how I feel about something seems to be "grok"...it's better than saying love, or get, or anything else like that.)

He's also damn right when he speaks about something. And he's damn right about the technology of recording. According to Dylan: "You listen to these modern records, they're atrocious, they have sound all over them. There's no definition of nothing, no vocal, no nothing, just like ... static."

I couldn't agree more. Dylan even thinks his own songs sound bad with modern technology. I know what he means - the very analog, real roughness to his sound is gone on album, but still there live. It's not that he's worse - it's the magical world of digital technology, which can simulate but can never rawly capture sound the way analog can.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God I fucking hate Bob Dylan.
Dylan is a pretentious whiny airhead poseur who wasn't even arguably worthy of his mystique until decades after he established it. His talentless antifolk ass once arrogantly kicked true folk legend Phil Ochs out of Dylan's (punchline!) limo. He is an illustration of how what passes for leftist in the United States is actually what anyone else would call a raging extremist reactionary. He is like an American Johnny Rotten, misusing the superficial appearance of radical politics before kicking squatters out of the flats he is landlord -- landlord -- of. Plenty of people whine ignorantly about how over-fetishized Chomsky is; no army of trustafarian potsmokers misquoting him can tarnish Chomsky's reputation, which approaches that of Einstein, but what has Dylan got but his own set of deadheads?
EXCLUSIVE NIXIE TALES FOLLOW UP, by way of the indispensible if useless Daily Rotten:
Having a little experience with pepper spray in the service of The Bush Crime Famiglia's glorious janissaries, I asserted elsewhere that this atomised weapon is really just shreds of pepper (capsacin) in a suspension in water. Inquiring minds immediately realized that this meant you could conjecturally make your own rather cheaply and easily, and they were sternly rebuffed about the illegality of such action, without mention of the secret prison camps our unquestionable government is building all over the country.
Seriously, one's in Grayling, MI, by a National Guard installation, in the middle of some woods to hamper escape. Play with the old "anarchist cookbook," which was written by a royalist under instruction by the CIA, go to Gitmo. Actually, since it was written by the Man to trip up experimenters, if you really did do stuff in there you'll either trip wires and hopefully get caught before you do anything, or worse kill yourself. Several chemically inclined anarchists have warned about the deliberate carelessness of its recipes on the internet tubes.
Anyway, here is some totally unexpected confirmation of the fact that pepper spray is just peppers sprayed:

Hot Hot Hot
BBC | Submitted by: Night Light
"Eighteen Indonesian prisoners broke out of jail using an unusual weapon - the chilli pepper. Prisoners at Pematang Sinatar jail in Sumatra mixed hot chillies with water in plastic bottles to spray at guards."

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert salutes Hungary! You're not really a country until his truthiness panders to you!

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What should the 2,500 inactive reserve marines expected to be recalled on five months notice in October do?
A) Kill every American they can once over there.
B) Frag once over there (ie only officers or SNCOs).
C) "Suicide" (as Bush would say) once over there.
D) Canada.
E) Try to put up with the prison madhouse we have allowed our military to become, passively losing everything you have in civilian life without hope of compensation, and starting all over once you get back.
F) Mexico.
G) Kill recruiters (before you get to Iraq).
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M) Fake your own death. To do this it helps to be as rich and well-connected as Ken Lay.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

N) Refuse and go to prison.
O) Get a job as a conservative commentator (they are exempt from service because of the importance of their job at home).
(non-option) In the past you could masturbate as often as possible, but with the devolution of the Rumsfailedian military, they will just beat you. Being gay is nothing but an invitation to beatings as well. There are no more psychological problems.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I hate Dylan he is absolutely right on this issue. Here is an interesting recent article on him.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Cologne Student said...

Although Dylan duobtlessly speaks the truth on this issue, i'd love to hear some of his old records, like, for example "Highway" recorded like the way they did with "Love and Theft" or "Modern Times". Sometimes songs like Tomb Stone Blues sound a bit too thin for me.

8:25 AM  

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