Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ancient sieges, modern warfare

There is no way out of the Lebanese city of Tyre. The Israelis apparently destroyed the last bridge.

I watched Kingdom of Heaven for the first time last week (I have a penchant for Hollywood epics) and it acutely reminded me that warfare hasn't changed that much in the last millenium.

According to Wikipedia, only about 10% of the population of Tyre remains in the city. There is no road out. I see that as a siege, not that unlike the sieges of the Crusades, even down to the rampant disease.

Nothing changes.

In a way that reassures me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the Israelis destroyed all means of escape, then told people to get out, then hunted them like animals as they tried to flee.
Yes, Israel has openly adopted the Nazi calculus of Lidice, valuing a Jewish life as at least ten of those of the nations (which is really a bargain as sub-Jews aren't worth a Chosen fingernail).
Yes, Israel has totally destroyed the civilian infrastructure of an entire country, foregoing Hizbullah targets to do so, bombing almost every single city (there are about four that are officially untouched), all in response to a handful of unguided outclassed rockets that tend to miss anything like a target for miles, in "defense" against a force that cannot attack.
But what you anti-Semites who dare criticize your betters don't get is, the whole time the Israelis were doing this, they felt terrible about it. Not as guilty as they feel after sex, but very, very, very guilty. Tears in their eyes obscured the children they barbequed. And, as their man in the UN said, the fact that they feel bad about torching an entire state makes it all better.

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