Monday, July 24, 2006

Hezbollah operatives?



Blogger Jaron aka Bananatree said...

I'm still an oblivious white kid from Suburban Canada, but I'm pretty shocked this entire war.

A: No one seems to be _doing_ anything about it. (It seemed like when Kuwait got invaded, there was a lot of swift economic recourse)

B: Israel always used to seem like the good guy through my rose coloured glasses. Now they are off, and I have trouble feeling sorry for anyone in the situation.

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America's silence is a very loud act of strong support (Condi flew all the way to Beirut to effectively laugh at the dying Lebanese).
Europe's spinelessness is an argument for severely punishing the EU the next time it wants or needs something: getting rich really is all those worthless inhuman things can think about. Why should the EU be permitted to exist if it is less than an accomplice of atrocity? It's the point of the EU a new international way of doing things?
Brainless Tom Fiedman should be crucified; he had said, no doubt without any research, that no two countries with McDonald's had ever warred on eachother, and by a friend I hear Lebanon got their first McDonald's before Israel did.
And in the end, in an extremely gruesome way, you are wrong to think that no one is doing anything about it. No "one," none of the white-skinned adults we havbe been carefully socialized to think of as adults, is doing anything about it, but Hizbullah is doing plenty about it, and Israel is ensuring that their membership rolls will not lack for decades to come.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OT by way of Plep:

The Dream.
'A photographic essay among the Chergari Gypsies in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria'.
'Far from the image of wandering, mystical fortune-tellers of the West's collective stereotype, Gypsies are becoming the scapegoats for escalating social and economic problems such as unemployment and climbing crime rates. In this region, beseiged for centuries by ethnic hatred and conflicts, minorities are an easy targets for attacks. Gypsies are the largest minority population, with an estimated eight million scattered throughout Europe. Yet as a people without a country, they have no one to protect their interests and no home where they can seek refuge from intensifying nationalist attacks.'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You for real? I really expect more from you, as you're simply put smarter then this. Yes, there are civilian casualiteis. The 15 year old killed earlier today in the Galilee was also not a member of the IDF. War has collateral damage and this is sensationlism.

You don't think there were civilian casualties in the Six Day War? or Yom Kippur? or WWII? Come on. Somehow, I doubt there was a decision made in Tel Aviv to target children - not their style. Could they have made a mistake sure. It happens. It sucks, its sad, its greusome - its war.

you should know better.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are bombing the roads, then telling Lebanese to flee having just bombed their only means of escape, then shooting them as they try to get away. Yes Israelis do have a history of murdering children with undeniable deliberation -- you do not snipe a twelve year old girl at close range and then later say you thought it was a military-age male unless you're in the IDF.
But ignoring all the evidence that Israel is a racist, militarist state that behaves like every other racist and militarist state, there is still a huge gap in the different casualties, here and in the "peacetime" occupation. Sub-Jews "unfortunately wind up getting accidentally killed" three to ten times as much as Jews, be it in Gaza or now in "democratic" Lebanon.
(Unsatisfied with giving Iran half of Iraq, now Bush and his friends are giving Iran Lebanon as well! Nice work Olmert!)
As U of M's own outraged professor Juan Cole pointed out earlier, those very impressive later Hizbullah attacks would never have been possible had the IDF been striking Hizbullah with the region's greatest army, but the IDF was too busy destroying residential neighborhoods, airports, routes of escape, power plants (in the summer!) and everywhere else Hizbullah was not.
In even more grim news Zionists now sound exactly like holocaust deniers trying to shrug off the kind of exponentially higher civilian death rates that do not happen by accident as not only ordinary military side-effects, but boring.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zionist defensive myths handled here.

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